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BetOnline, one of the web's most popular online betting destinations, is happy to announce that our expedition team has successfully and safely scaled down to a lower base camp, allowing us to announce the winners of the $ 20,000 in charity donations.


For the past few weeks, our team of climbers from Peak Freaks Expeditions scaled Mount Everest, attempting to establish a new world record by placing the highest altitude land wager in the history of civilization. The top two charities were to face off head-to-head for a chance to win the $ 20,000.00 prize on the summit.

Team BetOnline

The team was able to complete The World's Highest Land Wager from Base Camp 4 on May 18, 2009, at 2:55 am local time, at a staggering 26,000 feet. The team placed a bet on the Lakers to cover the spread versus the Rockets in game 7 of the NBA's western conference semi-finals. The historic wager was a winner.

  • 1st Place $ 15,000.00 - The Feel Your Boobies Foundation
  • 2nd Place $ 4,000.00 - The IDEA League
  • 3rd Place $ 1,000.00 - The Lupus Foundation of America

Unfortunately, Team Freaks was unable to successfully place the summit wager at the top of Mount Everest that would have determined the outcome of the Everest Charity Challenge. That being said, still wants to ensure that the deserving charities nominated by the general public are rewarded. Therefore, we will be awarding the $20,000 to the top 3 charities as voted on by the general public. The votes were cast on both the Twitter and Facebook pages.